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Beauty 1/16 of an inch deep

Wet and foggy

From the hills to the coast

Searching the Sunset

The Sunset, Steelers, and Super Bowl Sunday

Stepping through the fog

With the Pacific Ocean directly to the west San Francisco’s Sunset district resulting in some of the most consistently foggy mornings and nights in San Francisco. Broken up into the outer, central, and inner the Sunset is bordered to the north by Golden Gate Park and extends south to Sloat Boulevard. The Pacific Ocean provides the western border of the Outer Sunset with Sunset Boulevard making up the eastern border. Central Sunset extends from Sunset Boulevard east to 19th Avenue and finally Inner Sunset extends east from 19th Avenue to Stanyan Street.

The Sunset is filled largely with residential housing with several prominent features towards its borders. The most dominate of which, Golden Gate Park, is located directly to the north. Moving south just one block over is Irvine Street which features a wide assortment of shopping. Standing out among the various shops on Irving Street are the multitude of Asian dinning, shops, produce markets, and general stores. Moving further south is Noriega Street, which roughly divides the Sunset in half north to south. Although not as heavily populated by shops as Irvine Street it offers a slightly different experience with less Asian shops and more American franchises. Toward the southern end of the Sunset is Taraval Street. Similar to Noriega it also features many American franchises. Finally to the west is the impossible to miss Pacific Ocean. Although it is cold year round surfers are a common sight in the beaches of the Sunset district. These surfers enable several surf shops to exist within the Sunset.

Next to the Ocean are the final remains of the sand dunes that the Sunset was once covered in. Like the Richmond district to the north it was not until the 1906 earthquake prompted people to push further out of downtown that the Sunset was largely developed. Following continued growth and several housing booms the Sunset now has over 37,000 house units and an approximate population of 97,000 people, according to the United States Census Bureau. The population is mostly White or Asian, combining to compose 93 percent of the population of the district, and has a median age of nearly 40 years old. Additionally of the approximate 97,000 people living in the Sunset about 43,000 were not born in America. This demonstrates the diversity of people that have immigrated into the district over the years.

Overall the Sunset district has a removed feel from the constant bustle of downtown San Francisco without being very far away. Although it does has a few shopping areas they are small in comparison to other areas of the city. The large amount of housing combined with the average older age adds to the quietness of the district. Combine that with the persistent and consistent fog that envelopes the district and the Sunset can quickly become a lost in the mist within the city of San Francisco.